About Us

Avo Semilla is a family owned company built by California avocado farmers based on their love of nature and the benefits avocados and nature can bring.  Drawing from the benefits of avocados they started by creating products for their personal use, but once they shared it with family and friends, people couldn't get enough and that's when they decided to start Avo Semilla.  Avo Semilla's wonderful body care line is made with pure and natural ingredients.  We use a variety of avocado ingredients such as avocado oil, avocado butter, avocado purée, avocado leaves and even the avocado seed! In fact, that’s how we came up with our name, Avo (short for Avocado) and Semilla (Spanish for seed). Did you know the avocado seed has even more benefits than the flesh of the fruit?  

All Avo Semilla products are made to enrich, beautify, and nourish your skin and hair naturally without the risk of toxic ingredients you find in most products out there.  If you can’t pronounce an ingredient or have no idea what it is, you probably should not be putting it on your body, lucky for you Avo Semilla products have natural ingredients you can recognize!  We believe:

The best beauty comes from nature!